Nature of Mathematics
MATH 120 - Fall 2017

Portrait of Archimedes
Portrait of Pascal

Instructor: Mr. Matthew Weathers
Biola University

Basic Info

See a PDF Version of the Syllabus Summary. (Link opens a PDF document)

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Calendar of Lectures

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Homework Due Dates

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Required Textbooks

Nature of Mathematics - Course Pack; Author: Stangl 

This "course pack" textbook written by a Biola professor is only available at the Biola Bookstore. If the bookstore is out of stock, they will print more. The whole text is also be available for free online.

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions; Author: Edwin A Abbott

This is a short novella first published in 1884. Any edition is okay to use and the book is also available for free online.

Do I need to buy the textbooks? Maybe. Yes, you need to have them. But electronic versions of both are available for free online. However, if you prefer to have a printed version, you can only buy the "Course Pack" textbook at the Biola Bookstore. You can buy the "Flatland" novel anywhere.

Also: the course pack is the same as previous semesters, so if you know someone with a used copy, that will be okay to use.

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Here are the first few chapters of the coursepack: After Chapter 7, see Canvas for the remaining chapters at this link.

Chapter 1 (PDF Document)
Chapter 2 (PDF Document)
Chapter 3 (PDF Document)
Chapter 4 (PDF Document)
Chapter 5 (PDF Document)
Chapter 6 (PDF Document)
Chapter 7 (PDF Document)

Mr. Weathers' Contact Info

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Offices: Math Dept: Grove Modulars #8, My office is next door: Grove Modulars #10C.

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